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Grand Solar was established in Hawaii in 1980 and became incorporated in 1985.  During the more than 30 years of operation,  the company has consistently been a leader in design, installation and service of nearly every type of solar thermal system sold in Hawaii.  The original owner, John Grandinetti, still  is present at all of the residential and commercial solar system installations completed by the company.  In addition, the Photovoltaic systems offered by Grand Solar are US manufactured components only and  carry industry leading product warranties on performance.


 An active member of the Better Business Bureau since  1990, Grand Solar has maintained  an A+ rating consistently.   The Regulated Industries Complaint Office (RICO) has NO record of complaints filed or any legal actions initiated,  due the fair and considerate treatment the company has always extended to all of its clients.   Grand Solar is also a member in good standing with the Hawaii Solar Energy Association, the watchdog of the solar industry.  



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