25 years without high maintenance, service or replacement costs

BlazingTubes installations take just one day to complete

Installation of BlazingTubes Units

The number of BlazingTubes units needed  depends on the number of persons in a household.  Two BlazingTubes units are ordinarily installed for a family of  3-4 and will provide up to 90% of the hot water consumed.  These BlazingTubes units are simply fastened to the roof (using stainless steel bolts) and plumbed in series with the existing electric or gas water heater,  which still act as backup heaters on rainy days. Depending on the home,  the BlazingTubes units can be installed “flush” with the appropriate pitched roof, or mounted on aluminum angle frame when the roof is flat.  Copper piping is used exclusively with the hot lines insulated entirely.  A thermometer is provided to view the solar heated water temperature and a mixing valve ensures protection from scalding temperatures  BlazingTubes installations take just one day to complete, so hot water is available from the first night.  

10 year manufacturer’s warranty

 In addition to the BlazingTubes systems, Grand Solar does offer other solar technologies in Hawaii,  including conventional pump solar hot water systems,  thermosyphon solar hot water systems and  residential PV systems. The company can provide pricing for a full array of systems types and sizes.  Our expertise and wide experience in the solar field make us your best choice.

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